Oxxford Clothing was named the Quintessential American suit maker by Robb Report.

Oxxford Clothing was founded in 1916 by Louis and Jacob Weinberg. The brothers were committed to creating clothing of the highest possible standards of quality and styling. The Hollywood glamour period of the 1930s and the style icons that emerged on the silver screen set the tone for Oxxford as the clothier for men of power, refined taste, and timeless elegance.

Oxxford devotees like Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, and Joe DiMaggio defined an era of grace, elegance, and class. Many years later they still stand as an inspiration to menswear clothing enthusiasts, tailors, and men's fashion designers all over the world.

Each Suit is individually cut by hand. Plaids & stripes are matched at all seams even those that aren’t exposed. Collars and Lapels are hand-stitched to ensure shape and balance.