Maison Morneault's Physical Store Covid Precaution Policy

We wanted to assure you that now, more than ever, it is safe to physically shop in our store Stackpole Moore Tryon in addition to on your current on-line shopping.  Just so you are aware our store, is over 10,000 SF - one of the largest men's and women's store in the area.  That can help you rest assured that keeping your social distance is so easy here - we have so much room for our customers to browse.



In addition, we have implemented many measures over the past several months since we reopened that also reduce any spread of Covid.  Each register station has clean and used pens separated as well as hand sanitizer for your use.  This is also is available at the front door in addition to free masks and disposable gloves as you enter the store. 



Unlike some retail stores who do not allow customers to try on clothing, we encourage you to try items so you can rest assured they fit before you leave. Any items brought into the dressing rooms are separated, sanitized and steamed and not put back into stock until 24 hours later. 



To react to those who still are not comfortable with coming into the store, we have also provided the courtesy of face-time personal shopping with our customers so you can look at our clothing with a sales associate, schedule a private appointment to come in to try on your ensembles when there are no customers in the store.  One step further, for our regular customers, we are willing to package up your items for curbside pickup and also give you the option to try on your items in the comfort of your own home and return those items not wanted.



We feel that it has been a long year and we are as ready as ever to have our customers come back in and shop with us.  There is nothing better than personalized service, seeing each other and enjoying being back out into our store - we miss you!!  



We appreciate your continued support of us by shopping on-line and consulting with us to make your shopping experience the best it can be -- just give a call and we will go through the items on your computer piece by piece for the best fit and styles.. We also appreciate all of the new customers who have shopped on line but have never had the pleasure of shopping in our store. 

Therefore, we our offering an added incentive of 15% off full price purchase when you visit us in person at Stackpole Moore Tryon, 242 Trumbull Street Downtown Hartford.  Come for the day, have lunch or dinner and check out some of the sites and beautiful tourist spots (The Wadsworth Atheneum, the Science Center and Bushnell Park to name a few) that are open in Downtown and stop in to shop, have a coffee and connect or reconnect with us.



Your friends






Jody and Ron Morneault