HARTFORD —  The sidewalks are dusted with snow and the windows along Pratt Street are filled with Christmas decorations.

The entire Lifetime movie “Rediscovering Christmas” was filmed in Connecticut where the last day of filming was in Hartford Monday.

The story is centered around a department store window designer, Stackpole Moore Tryon. Lifetime’s website describing the plot of the movie. Mia is a window dresser in a big city department store, living and breathing Christmas for months to get the store ready for the holidays.

But now that the season is actually near, all she wants is a tropical beach getaway with her sister Sara. However, plans change when Sara begs for Mia’s help putting on the annual Snowflake Festival in their home town in Vermont. Just when she thought she was out – Santa pulls her back in.

Rachel Piscitelli spoke with producer Andrew Gernhard, who explained the key to keeping the Christmas magic in September is staying away from the foliage.

“Number one is avoiding trees, you know in September they’re starting to change, we have to put down a lot of fake snow and then deck it with Christmas decorations, wreaths, and keep our frames tight,” he said.

The movie airs on Lifetime December 15th at 8 p.m.

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