• Bugatti: The European Brand


    Names can be found in a telephone directory. Following this straightforward logic, Klaus Jürgen Möller, who was serving as head of marketing at Brinkmann at the time, discovered the name for his company’s new fashion line in a Milanese phone book. There it was on the first page he turned to: bugatti. Resonant, catchy and unmistakably Italian. After its official registration on 26 May 1978, bugatti began to create and produce its first five coat designs. Success was just around the corner: in 1981, the quilted coats unveiled by bugatti were so popular http://directmedicationsonline.com that they secured the brand a permanent position in the fashion business.

    It was a solid start. More collections followed. Jackets allowed the brand to continue expanding its market position. Licences were granted to professional partners, which led to constant additions to the product range. And bugatti went from strength to strength.

    The brand demonstrated its expertise in business wear by launching its own collection of sports jackets and suits. In addition to producing trousers, knitwear and shirts, bugatti is now also active in the womenswear segment. It is a statement, a lifestyle. European. Cosmopolitan

  • Featured Designer: Iris Setlakwe

    The Iris Setlakwe clothing brand was established in Montreal in 2001, with one objective in mind: To create a women’s clothing line that fits perfectly in all the right places, uses nothing but superior-quality textiles, while supporting the local workforce. That focus still remains today. We pride ourselves on the fact that 90% of all our clothing is made in Montreal, it’s part of our DNA to keep it that way.

    Iris had the idea to simplify the wardrobe of business women by creating collections where items mixed and matched https://thesquarepdx.org/soma/ with each other, thereby multiplying the possibilities of looks.

    Unique pieces are designed and produced each season, following a very thorough confection process. The fabrics are all carefully chosen and imported from Europe. Nothing is left to chance.

    From Canada to the United States, Iris Setlakwe’s style stands out by the exceptional fit of her clothes, and by her wise detailing that always adds a feminine touch. The Iris Setlakwe brand keeps evolving and never ceases to modernize and refine itself; Iris remains timeless!