• Christmas in Fall!

    HARTFORD —  The sidewalks are dusted with snow and the windows along Pratt Street are filled with Christmas decorations.

    The entire Lifetime movie “Rediscovering Christmas” was filmed in Connecticut where the last day of filming was in Hartford Monday.

    The story is centered around a department store window designer, Stackpole Moore Tryon. Lifetime’s website describing the plot of the movie. Mia is a window dresser in a big city department store, living and breathing Christmas for months to get the store ready for the holidays.

    But now that the season is actually near, all she wants is a tropical beach getaway with her sister Sara. However, plans change when Sara begs for Mia’s help putting on the annual Snowflake Festival in their home town in Vermont. Just when she thought she was out – Santa pulls her back in.

    Rachel Piscitelli spoke with producer Andrew Gernhard, who explained the key to keeping the Christmas magic in September is staying away from the foliage.

    “Number one is avoiding trees, you know in September they’re starting to change, we have to put down a lot of fake snow and then deck it with Christmas decorations, wreaths, and keep our frames tight,” he said.

    The movie airs on Lifetime December 15th at 8 p.m.

  • Fashion + Bespoke: Dormeuil Week

    This week at Morneault’s Stackpole, we’re creating a very special experience. In partnership with the House of Dormeuil, we’ll guide you – our modern man – in creating the ultimate suit to fit your personality.


    We discovered Dormeuil’s luxury cloth in the late 1980’s and have been making clothing from their cloth ever since. It’s one of the experiences that sets us apart from other clothing stores.


    We collaborate with two of our favorite brands, Hickey Freeman and Coppley, to make custom menswear with Dormeuil cloth. We also http://www.pythagorasandthat.co.uk/buy-clomid send their cloth to our own Private Label tailors.


    A family-owned company, Dormeuil’s heritage is filled with five generations of rich history. Today, their cloth is world renowned and sold to the finest tailors and couture designers in the world.


    Our clients consider this cloth the very finest when they are looking for a true luxury cloth.


    Learn more about Dormeuil’s rich history and family heritage on their website .

    Visit Morneault’s Stackpole Monday, April 9 – Saturday, April 14to experience Dormeuil’s Fashion + Bespoke.


  • 10 Style Resolutions for the New Year

    New Year, New You, New Wardrobe

    We’re serving up our favorite Style Resolutions for 2018!


    Style Resolution #1: Refine Your Style 

    There’s no need to wait until to Spring to clean out your closet. One of our favorite ways to kick off the New Year is by refining your style. Visualize your signature look – a theme in your wardrobe that will make you look and feel confident. Then hit up your closet and take inventory. Keep the items that match up with what you envisioned and donate everything else.


    Style Resolution #2: Perfect Your Go-To Outfit

    What’s a go-to outfit? Think of it as a closet staple that you can throw on effortlessly. Dress it up with a heel or dress it down with a casual sneaker; your go-to outfit is versatile like that.


    Style Resolution #3: Invest in Timeless Pieces

    Trends may fade but classic, timeless pieces never go out of style. They’re the items you’ll end up passing down to the next generation. How awesome would it be to give your great grandchildren a luxury heirloom?

    Style Resolution #4: Get the Tailored Look

    Whether your goal is to lose or gain a few pounds for the new year, it’s important to have a tailor you trust on speed dial. There are only a few sizes of clothing compared to thousands of body types. No matter your size, you deserve clothes that make you feel your best.

    Luckily, we’re all about a custom fit. Our in-house tailors can help with customizing your clothing; made-to-measure is designed for men and women.

    Style Resolution #5: Plan Your Outfits

    This one is a real game changer. Have you ever left the house and thought to yourself – this outfit would’ve been better with a scarf? By planning out your outfits for the week, you’ll be able to put more thought and detail into your looks. Plus, you’ll be so organized that your morning routine will be cut in half! It’s a win-win.


    Style Resolution #6: Make a Statement with Accessories

    Ladies – try oversized jewelry. Fellas – wear a bold tie. Keep your outfit simple and let your accessories do the talking!                     


    Style Resolution #7: Find a Pop of Fun for Your Wardrobe

    A pop of color, a touch of fur or an interesting pattern are easy ways to add something fun to your outfit. These are great conversation pieces that are sure to turn heads.


    Style Resolution #8: Take Good Care of Your Clothing

    Now that you’ve invested in a few timeless pieces, it’s important to treat them with a little TLC. Take your clothing to the cleaners, hang them up with quality hangers and fold them away nicely.

    Style Resolution #9: Upgrade Your Day Bag

    One detail that is often overlooked – a great day bag. There are so many stylish and functional options for men and women now that it doesn’t have to be an afterthought.

    Style Resolution #10: Travel in Style

    Temperatures in New England are dropping! If you have plans to escape the Winter weather, invest in a some new luggage. Most of us wait until it’s time to pack to pay attention to our travel accessories. Avoid ending up in the TSA line with broken zippers. Invest in a classic piece of luggage that’s stylish, functional, and durable.


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